Sorry, we do not offer complete racks for 5mm Quick Release Skewers.

We acknowledge that there are many great bikes out there with traditional Quick Release (QR) skewers, which we are not targeting with our current products. However we feel the need to focus our efforts and our products. To some it may be ironic that a company calling ourselves Old Man Mountain we are looking to the future and are focusing only on racks designed to fit on thru axle equipped bikes. We feel there are numerous options,  from great brands, that offer excellent products targeting QR skewers and eyelets, Google is your friend.

For those of not familiar, thru axles are the new ‘standard’ for attaching wheels to the frame as opposed to the traditional 5mm Quick Release Skewers. Thru axles come in either 15 or 12mm diameters. Since they are much larger in diameter than 5mm skewers, they are stiffer and offer greater support for our racks. (Additional explanation linked here)

A core value of OMM is sustainability. For that reason we are offering support for legacy owners of OMM racks. For current owners of OMM racks we do have limited inventory of legacy Fit Kits for traditional eyelet and QR skewer bikes. Send us an email so we can get your old Old Man Mountain rack on your new bike(s).