Pair – Pucks for Mountain or Fat Bikes

Pair – Pucks for Mountain or Fat Bikes


These pucks attach the Old Man Mountain rack frame to the front or rear of your mountain or fat bike. They provide a secure upper attachment point for the rack. Included in the packet are heavy duty zip ties, clear protective film, and mounting hardware. Designed for use with carbon, steel, titanium and aluminum bikes and forks. Slots in the puck also allow for use with metal hose clamps (not intended for carbon). Pucks can be left on the bike for future reinstallation of the rack.

For use only with specific Panduit brand 120 lbs zip ties. Panduit #BT2LH-TL0
Additional zip ties are available from us here (link) or Google them, they are available worldwide.


  • One size fits all mountain and fat bikes. For use on either rear seatstay or front fork.
  • Made from a carbon resin composite for lightweight strength.
  • Includes heavy duty zip ties with stainless steel tangs (extra zip ties included).
  • Includes clear protective film.
  • Hardware included.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 0.1496 lbs
Größe 7 × 4 × 1 in

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