Revelate Designs Nano Panniers

Revelate Designs Nano Panniers


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These bags are sold out for awhile, but we highly recommend the Micro Panniers we designed with North St Bags.

When you need the extra space that rack bags provide, but need something that will not get in your way when the going gets strange, Nano Panniers are the ticket! These bags were designed around Old Man Mountain racks, making them a perfect fit and our favorite pannier.

Designed to carry dense and heavy stuff like food, water and fuel in a low profile form. With a bikepacking mindset you still put your bulky, water sensitive items like clothing, sleeping and shelter gear in a waterproof handle bar setup, seat pack, or on top of the rack deck.

For shorter riders who need to run a rack due to limited carrying space elsewhere, these bags are your new best friend. Nano Panniers at only 3″ wide at the seams, provide just enough extra carrying capacity and hovering around a pound per set, they don’t weigh you down.

Access is through a single main zipper, using Revelate’s exclusive Zipstretch ™ system using stretch woven Cordura and durable molded tooth zippers for fast access.


  • Designed around Old Man Mountain racks!
  • Zipstretch™ construction – waterproof, stretch woven fabric top panels reduce zipper stress when closing bag.
  • Basically unbreakable mounting. No Hooks or velcro.
  • Fiberglass lower stiffener for racks without much side support.
  • High density closed cell foam side panel sheet
  • Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials


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