• Logo Tee

    Join the movement with an Old Man Mountain Logo Tee. Premium screen printed 100% cotton tee.
  • Earn your Loam and Gravel Society Merit Badges, and display your achievements with this three patch set. Take a friend out riding to earn the Enabler badge. Head to the local river or stream to earn your Bikefishing badge. And spend a night sleeping under the stars by bike to earn your Overnighter badge. All patches have an iron on backing and are made by Falls Creek Outfitters.
  • Old Man Nalgene
    On some rides you can feel the mountain breathing. Rhythmic gusts of wind pushing against you or, if he’s feeling forgiving, pushing at your back. He’s a craggy, weathered old man, worn by time and the elements, but rest here for a moment and breath in the wisdom of the mountain air. Keep hydrated with these 32oz, Wide Mouth, Nalgene bottles. Perfect for the trail, road, or office. Illustration by Dean Liebau
  • Unlock your inner camper with the Loam & Gravel Society Overnighter Tee. Premium screen printed 100% cotton tee.
  • Intended for cans but still loves bottles, the Puffin beverage jacket gives you a few more options for securing your drink, both for travel, and for the actual drinking part. With two layers of thermal insulation to keep your can cold and hands dry. Old Man Mountain embroidered for +1 style points.
  • Rune Tee

    Premium screen printed 100% cotton tee.
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