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Old Man Mountain racks are the most versatile racks available. Capable of mounting to full-suspension mountain bikes, gravel bikes, road bikes, fat bikes, even tri-bikes if that’s what you’re in to.

Tested and trusted in the most extreme environments on earth (we’re still trying to get NASA to take them to the moon). Our racks have helped riders traverse Iceland in bitter cold winters, carried the gear of countless GDMBR riders, and circumnavigated the globe. The only remaining question is where will it go with you?

Want to use our rack on a bike that isn’t made for racks? Want to swap your rack between multiple bikes? A Fit Kit is all you need.


Old Man Mountain racks have been around the world, from Alaska to Antarctica, and they’ve carried everything from briefcases and beer to a month’s worth of provisions for unsupported adventure. They’re built to last and have a proven track record.

Trust us, the last thing we want is a call from a customer deep in the Peruvian Andes who needs a replacement rack! Whether you’re headed out to do some birding and bringing a tripod and picnic along, going on a packrafting trip for a week, a quick overnight just out of town, or riding to work, The Divide has your back.

The full deck has plentiful lashing points and the low pannier rails make it easy to take panniers on and off when gear is on the deck. They also move the weight of your gear lower on the bike, improving your center of gravity and handling.

The dropouts are adjustable so you can perfectly dial in how the rack fits on your bike. It comes ready to mount front or rear if your bike has rack mounts. If your bike doesn’t have mounts we’ve got you covered.

We make a full line of Fit Kits to axle mount the rack. In addition to fitting nearly any bike with the Fit Kits, they also protect your bike from overloading your eyelets, increase the stiffness of the rack, and raise the weight capacity to a whopping 70lbs! We won’t tell you that 70lbs would be fun to ride with. We’re just saying you can. And, it’s fun to note that the weak point in this system is your bike frame and not our rack. 😉

Everything the Divide comes with.

Old Man Mountain Divide Rack with all of the parts it ships with laying on a white backdrop

What Makes The Divide So Special?

Solid Deck

Plenty of Lashing and Mounting Points While Protecting Your Gear From Your Tires and Mud.

Bike rack on a gravel bike


Front or Rear mountable to suit your needs.


Robust within reason. The Divide is built to withstand whatever you want to trow at it.

Pannier rack on the back of an emtb with revelate designs panniers


We offer fit kits for any bike, even full-suspension mountain bikes

Thru Axle mounted cargo rack for bikes

Adjustable Dropouts

Fit your bike perfectly with our adjustable dropouts

Ready for everything.

Let’s get into the details and specs. The Divide is an incredibly adaptable rack, built to suit your needs perfectly.
  • Fits up to 29 x 3 inch tires, with room for fenders.
  • Front or rear mountable.
  • Works with all dropper posts.
  • Made from 6061 aluminum the racks are lightweight, stiff, and strong.
    • The main rack frame is made of 1/2″ (13 mm) diameter tubing for durability, and the pannier rails are 3/8″ (10 mm) diameter to fit all panniers.
  • The low pannier rail makes it a breeze to load and unload panniers with gear lashed to the deck.
  • The deck measures 3.9″ x 10.5″ (100 mm x 266 mm) The deck includes slots for easily lashing gear in place and holes for mounting a light.
  • The dropouts are height adjustable to keep the weight loaded low on the bike and fit a wide range of tire sizes.
  • The Divide come standard, eyelet mount ready with optional fit kits available for thru axle or QR mounting.
  • The Divide has a load capacity of 55lbs when eyelet mounted.
    • For more adventurous endeavors we offer thru axle or QR Fit Kits, that mount the rack to the axle and increase the load capacity to a whopping 70lbs!
  • Powder coated a sleek and refined shade of black.
  • 960g including all hardware and extenders.
  • Made in Taiwan.
  • Lifetime warranty!

“A standard cargo rack vs the insanely strong and versatile OMM Divide rack is a David and Goliath story… Except in this case, Goliath wins… by a lot.”

“…Compatible with almost any bike, right up to the diameter and width of 29+ wheels…and I applaud all the options OMM offers to facilitate this versatility, especially given the confusing ‘standards’ in the bike world.”

Cass Gilbert, Bikepacking.com

“When it comes to transporting plenty of weight on your bike, the Old Man Mountain Divide rack sets new standards.”

Felix Rauch, E-Mountainbike

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could just buy one rack, knowing that it would work with just about anything? That’s where the new OMM Divide rack comes in.”

Zack Overholt, Bikerumor

“I found the fit of this rack to be the very best that I’ve ever tested.”

Enzo Gomez, Fat Bike

5 reviews for Divide

  1. Rob (verified owner)

    Incredible fit and finish; light, rigid, and a joy to use. Installation was simple and taking the rack on/off is so easy. In use it’s absolutely quiet. Mounting pannier bags to it is easy with lots of versatility and adjustment.

  2. Sean H (verified owner)

    Listen up! I was handed my dad’s old 95 XX team bike to shred on and shred I did. I quickly learned that I needed a modern bike with extra everything to tackle my local mountains. I then got involved in this weird thing called backpacking and trailbuilding??? Well, none of these bikes had a way to mount anything to. Literally not even water bottles. What the hell? Well, OMM has my back. They’ve thought of it all and supply the goods. I can now haul to my hearts content, and I have. The Old man bike now has Old Man Mountsin racks and is my cruiser / party ride bike. I can carry groceries, beer, and a small child all in one go up and down the mountain. For longer days, I can hot swap over to my full squish in just a couple of mins and reap the benefits. Their QR skewer and through bolts work as they should. If you have needs that can’t be met traditionally, this is the way to go. Sturdy AF, looks dope too. You get what your pay for.

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    I’ve wanted this rack for many years, but shipping to Canada and the shocking conversion rate from US$ to CAN$ turned me off. A few years ago I bought the Robert Axle Project thru-axle conversion kit so I could pull my BOB trailer with my MTB, and did the Banff-to-Whitefish section of the Great Divide route. This setup was rock-solid, but I ended up being the defacto pack mule of our group. This April I sprang for the Divide rack and a set of pucks; the shipping was amazingly fast, and in just over an hour I had converted the axle and had the carrier solidly mounted to my bike. The rack fit like a charm, looks like it will easily carry more than my legs and lungs will be able to, and is light/solid enough that I don’t think I’ll take it off even when just bombing around on our local trails. Well done, OMM! Can hardly wait till next month when I’ll be riding this new setup on Canada’s “Great Trail” from Vancouver to Calgary.

  4. Blazer Burton (verified owner)

    Excellent rack thus far. To be fair I haven’t used the Divide rack off-road yet, but I’ve used it under road conditions and have been very happy with it. It is very easy to install and, just as easy to take on and off the bike if you decide you don’t need to have it with you. I opted to buy the fit kit for my bike instead of eyelet mounting the rack. This enables you to carry a lot more weight, but will also make changing a flat take a little more time. You will have to disengage the rack in order to remove the axle to change flats on thru axle style frames (not sure how the QR style mounts work). Not a deal breaker for sure, but something to consider when deciding to axle mount or eyelet mount the rack.

  5. rjf – bellingham wa

    Best bike rack ever. I just finished building a “gravel/atb” bike for commuting and extended rides in the Pacific Northwest (it rains 13-moths out of the year here). My experience with rear bike racks has been limited to what you can find at local bike shops (basically mehhh). This time I wanted a rack that could actually take a beating and hold serious weight — so I spent a few more bucks and I’m glad I did. The build quality of the Divide is more than outstanding, it’s amazing. Installing the rack was easy, the engineering is smart and creative. I highly recommend the Divide Rack, because this will be the last rack you’ll ever buy..

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