• Not just any zip tie!
  • What's there to say about a Voile strap? They are THE reliable, Swiss Army knife of strapping things to other things. We chose the 25" because it's the perfect size to strap a dry bag to the deck of our racks or you can double loop it for smaller objects and extra security. And of course, the Old Man Mountain logo adds a +1 fashion bonus.
  • The Old Man T-Shirt

    On some rides you can feel the mountain breathing. Rythmic gusts of wind pushing against you or, if he's feeling forgiving, pushing at your back. He's a cragely, weathered old man, worn by time and the elements, but rest here for a moment and he'll have some wisdom to share. The long sleeve runs a full size small so please order a size larger than you normally would.
  • This 27.2 mm seat post mount provides a secure upper attachment point for Old Man Mountain racks for certain bikes.
  • When you need the extra space that rack bags provide, but need something that will not get in your way when the going gets strange, Nano Panniers are the ticket! These bags were designed around Old Man Mountain racks, making them a perfect fit and our favorite pannier. Designed to carry dense and heavy stuff like food, water and fuel in a low profile form. With a bikepacking mindset you still put your bulky, water sensitive items like clothing, sleeping and shelter gear in a waterproof handle bar setup, seat pack, or on top of the rack deck. For shorter riders who need to run a rack due to limited carrying space elsewhere, these bags are your new best friend. Nano Panniers at only 3" wide at the seams, provide just enough extra carrying capacity and hovering around a pound per set, they don't weigh you down. Access is through a single main zipper, using Revelate's exclusive Zipstretch ™ system using stretch woven Cordura and durable molded tooth zippers for fast access.
  • Old Man Mountain was born in 1996 from the need to mount racks on bikes without traditional mounting points and make every bike capable of doing more. Our Fit Kits also have some key benefits over eyelet mounting.

    • Fit Kits protect your bike. Not all bike eyelets are meant for racks, most are only made for fenders or have very low weight limits. Axle mounting protects your frame.
    • Need to carry more gear? Axle mounting increases our rack's load capacity to 70lbs/33kg.
    • Want to move your rack between multiple bikes? Fit Kits make it easy to swap between bikes or front and rear mounting with just a few bolts.
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