• The Old Man T-Shirt

    On some rides you can feel the mountain breathing. Rhythmic gusts of wind pushing against you or, if he’s feeling forgiving, pushing at your back. He’s a craggy, weathered old man, worn by time and the elements, but rest here for a moment and breath in the wisdom of the mountain air. The long sleeve runs a full size small so please order a size larger than you normally would.
  • TRU002

    OMM/North St Truck Bag - Blue
  • Divide: CA - 2nd Quality
  • Voile Straps with Old Man Mountain logo
    What's there to say about a Voile strap? They are THE reliable, Swiss Army knife of strapping things to other things. We chose the 25" because it's the perfect size to strap a dry bag to the deck of our racks or you can double loop it for smaller objects and extra security. And of course, the Old Man Mountain logo adds a +1 fashion bonus.
  • Not just any zip tie!
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