Meet the Crew

We’re a bunch of bike geeks who like to go on adventures. We come from a wide range of experiences, from bikepacking to ultra endurance racing, urban commuting and pump track shenanigans. We eat a lot of tacos and often have long discussions about the famous “green salsa” at our local taco truck. Lucky for us, we are headquartered in Bend, Oregon, where we have hundreds of miles of singletrack, dirt roads and lonely pavement to spin the wheels.

Chris Kratsch (Scratch)

Owner & Boss-man

Chris worked in the outdoor industry in sales and customer service for most of his life, so he is meticulously obsessive about making great products and providing great service. Growing up in Southern California, he spent days shredding his BMX bike through the hills behind his house. He’s built more than a few trails in Central Oregon and still loves to put the hammer down riding single track. He’s personally used Old Man Mountain racks on his bikes since 1999 and he’s more than stoked to now own the brand.

Katy Bryce (Brycenator)

Owner & Brand Manager

Katy is the wordsmith and whip cracker and tries to corral the chaos when needed. She heads up all marketing, administration, and financial oversight duties and makes the taco runs when needed. She digs being way out in the woods with her bike, a few Snickers bars, and her friends. At 5 feet tall, she’s tiny but mighty, and her favorite pastime is taking pictures with really tall people in Europe. She’s also a writer and published guidebook author. Check out her bestselling book – a guidebook for mountain biking in Bend, Oregon.

Tory Sox (T-Dogg)

Customer Service & Sales

Chances are, if you email us with a question, Tory is your guy. As a former bike shop manager, his brain holds more bike related information than anyone and he loves seeing our customers on cool adventures. He’s also a superb bike mechanic and keeps the Russian boy bands playing on the shop stereo. He’s working on his hand-modeling career, but in the meantime he’s stuck with us. When he’s not working, he’s found bike touring with his wife Katie or goofing off at the pump track.

Wally (Mister)

Shop Dog

Wally is one lazy shop dog and spends most of the day lounging in his bed. Until the UPS or FedEx truck comes – he then goes bonkers for treats. When Wally’s not working, he’s often found lounging in a different bed at home. Wally loves dead fish, sticks, pine cones and swimming in the river. He doesn’t ride a bike.