Axle Pack is designed to mount to our Thru Axle Fit Kits. If you do not have one of our thru axle fit kits you can find the right one for your bike using this Fit Kit Finder.


  • 3mm hex
  • 4mm hex
  • 6mm Hex
  • Torque wrench
  • pliers or third hand tool
  • cable cutters or nail clippers
  • Anti-seize (preferred) or grease

Don’t forget to apply anti-seize (preferred) or grease to all bolts. This will prevent the bolts from, you guessed it, seizing and making it hard to remove the bolts down the road.


  • Remove your bike’s stock thru axle.

Setup your thru axle to match your stock thru axle:

  • Compare your stock thru axle to the Robert Axle Project thru axle provided in your Fit Kit to verify they match. The axles’ thread pitch should match (Image J) and the shaft length should be within +/- 2 mm. Use enclosed spacers as needed to match the length and taper of your stock axle. See Image K.

Thru Axle Thread Comparison

Image J

Thru Axle Length Comparison

Image K

  • Now that you’ve confirmed you have the correct axle; apply grease to the shaft and threads of the Robert Axle and insert into your bike. For front axles use a 6mm hex key and torque to 10nm.

    Front axle tool angle instructions

    FRIENDLY REMINDER: Be sure to always keep your hex tools aligned with the hex broach. Inserting and torquing tools at an angle can damage tools and parts.


  • Take a look at Axle Pack and you’ll notice that the foot at the bottom is offset. This ensures compatibility with a much wider range of forks. The “Standard” installation is with the foot facing forward and the Old Man Mountain logo facing backwards. If your fork get’s in the way in this position you can flip it to have the foot facing backwards.
Axle Pack shown installing facing forwards or backwards depending on the fork.
  • Attach your Axle Pack to the axle with the 20mm hex bolts from Hardware Kit 4. Don’t forget to apply anti-seize (preferred) or grease to all bolts.
  • Don’t worry about torquing the bolts down now as we will do that at the end after installing the Mounting Puck.


If your fork has upper eyelets that line up, you can use them to attach the top of the Axle Pack. If your fork does not have upper eyelets use the Pucks provided with your Fit Kit.

  • Bolt the Mounting Puck to your Axle Pack at or near center of the top slot of the Axle Pack using Hardware Kit #6 or #7, depending on which came with your Fit Kit.
    • We recommend mounting the puck as high as possible.
    • Puck A will use the 10mm spacer between the Axle Pack and the Puck.
    • If Puck B or C seems too far away from your fork you may need to use the included 10mm spacer between the Axle Pack and the Puck.
  • With the Puck attached to the Axle Pack you can rotate it in line with your fork to see where it will attach, and where to install the clear protective tape.
    Axle pack with puck attached to it before being attached to the fork.
  • Before peeling the backing off the protective tape. Wrap it around your fork to measure how much to cut off so it does not overlap itself. Cut to that length and install the protective tape.

Clear protective tape being lined up on a carbon bike fork and a dotted line showing that it should be cut just before they overlap.

NOTE: You will want to trim the tape so that it will not overlap BEFORE sticking it to your bike.

  • Get the Pucks and our supplied ZipTies ready to install. We make the following 3 styles:
    Old Man Mountain's 3 puck styles for mounting bike racks to road bikes and mountain bikes.PUCK A should be installed with the hex nut slot facing your wheel.
    PUCK B needs to have the threaded barrel inserted into the Puck before attaching it to the fork. The chamfer on the threaded barrel should face the fork.
    PUCK C should be installed with the brass insert against the fork.
  • Install the Pucks using our special ZipTies. Pull ZipTies tight with a pair of pilers. Do not cut yet. Be sure to use the supplied ZipTies, they are far stronger than standard ZipTies and are UV stable, and do not ratchet so they can snug up as tightly as possible.

    PRO TIP: Putting the ZipTies, head down in a cup of hot water will soften them and help them install even easier.
    Axle Pack attached to Old Man Mountain mounting Pucks.


Tighten up all the hardware to the following specifications.

  • Puck B = 6 Nm
  • Puck A and C = 3 Nm
  • Bolts attaching Axle Pack to the axle = 3nm
  • Give the zip ties one more pull with a pair of pliers, then cut flush. (Nail clippers work well for a very flush cut).

Always double check all hardware and parts before each ride!



3-pack mounts for cargo cages on a carbon gravel bike fork.
Axle Pack cargo cage mounting adapter mounted on a Rock Shox Rudy fork.


Is your bike an independent thinker, unwilling to conform to bike industry norms? No problem! Our racks are incredibly adaptable and we have lots of tricks up our sleeve for strange bike fits.

For any fitment issues email us via [email protected]. We almost certainly have a solution to fit your bike and are quick to reply.