The FIRST rack you want to buy. The last rack you NEED to buy.


Let’s face it, the bike industry is rife with ever-changing standards and planned obsolescence, leaving cyclists confused and frustrated when buying parts and accessories. We feel ya, yo.

That’s why we’ve designed Old Man Mountain racks to be versatile from front to rear and from bike to bike. The Fit Kit system means you can purchase one rack and multiple Fit Kits to put the rack on the front or rear of the same bike or put it on different bikes. Old Man Mountain racks work with or without eyelets and with or without suspension.


Old Man Mountain racks have literally been around the world, from Alaska to Antarctica and they’ve carried everything from briefcases to beer. They’re built to last and we want to keep it that way. Trust us, the last thing we want is a call from a customer deep in the Peruvian Andes who needs a replacement rack!

No, our racks are the not lightest racks around. But we do source only quality materials and processes and we’re always looking to improve design and construction. The powder coated finish is the last touch to toughen them up for the long haul.


Old Man Mountain racks are unique because the main mounting point is at the thru axle. That means the weight of the rack (and gear) is centered over the center of the wheel, which, from a geeky physics and engineering perspective, is a stronger and more durable point of contact.

By attaching to the center of the wheel, there is less leverage than if the rack is attached to frame eyelets or a seat post. The thru axles that come with the Fit Kits are sourced from The Robert Axle Project and are precision machined in the USA.