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  • Jumbo Peak
  • Dark Mountain
  • Klickitat

Juniper Ridge Lollipop

Type 3 fun in the Gifford Pinchot Sometimes things don’t turn out according to plan. Oftentimes that can be a bad thing, other times, that can lead to unforgettable spontaneous experiences. Or it could possibly lead to hours of torture. This turned out to be all of the above. Over the years I have heard legends of Juniper Ridge and the Dark Divide, unmatched views, burly descents, and brutal hike-a-bike. So [...]

  • Riding Surveryor's Ridge
  • Traversing Frog Lake
  • Lakeside Camp
  • Loamy Singletrack
  • Smiles in front of Wyeast

Frog Lake to Hood River

BIKEPACKING IS FREEDOM For the 4th of July holiday, I (Chris Kratsch co-founder of Old Man Mountain) and two long time friends set out on a 3-day bike tour of the Mt. Hood area of Oregon. Our route was inspired by the by 9th segment of the Oregon Timber Trail. The three of us: Derrick Bell, Chris Dodson and I have ridden in the area many times before, but none of [...]

  • Mingling with the Anglers
  • Beyond the Gate
  • On the Road
  • The Road Less Traveled
  • The Gravel Grind

Madras Loop

A QUICK HOMETOWN WEEKEND RAMBLE For several years in a row, we would embark on a “Motor-Free Memorial Day Weekend”. We’d grab a friend or two, load up our bikes, put a rough route together and leave from our home in Bend, Oregon for a door-to-door 3-day bikepacking adventure in our nearby mountains and forests. This year, the weather was daunting in our nearby Cascade mountains, with snow in the [...]