Meet Our Ambassadors

Steve Fassbinder

Steve gathering water at camp during his bikepacking trip

His Friends Call Him Doom.

Steve, AKA “Doom” is Co-Author of The Bikeraft Guide, and Co-Owner of Four Corners Guides. Both with Lizzy Scully, his wife and fellow member of our Rack Pack. He started adventuring at age 14. He raced single-speed mountain bikes until his 30s when he started focusing on exploring huge backcountry landscapes. Passionate about creative, human-powered, low-impact travel, he’s bikepacked thousands of miles throughout the Southwest, Alaska, across the Karakoram, and through Kyrgyzstan, Iceland, and more. Doom has won three Awards: “The Ballsiest Trip” (2015), “Explorer of the Year” Award (2017), and “Best Trip Photography” (2019).

Kurt Refsnider

Kurt and his fat bike, bikepacking in the Alaskan snow

Route Director at Bikepacking Roots

Kurt rode his first century at age 13, and since then, has raced and placed in many endurance and ultra-endurance races. Beyond racing, Kurt is an avid bikepacker, having ridden extensively in the American West, traversed half the Alps, and through Scotland, Nepal, Morocco, and Alaska. He was also featured in the adventure cycling film Reveal the Path. Kurt is the Route Director of Bikepacking Roots, a non-profit organization he co-founded in 2017 to support the bikepacking community, and he currently coaches others in ultra-endurance bike racing. Off the bike, Kurt holds a Ph.D. in geological sciences and was a professor of geology at Prescott College for 6 years.

Check out his latest article on The Radavist.

Federico Cabrera

Federico preparing for his bikepacking journey

Better known as Their Only Portrait.

Federico Cabrera aka Fede is an OMM Ambassador based in Buenos Aires. “Their Only Portrait”, is a project where Fede cycles through beautiful but impoverished remote areas, in order to make, print, and give away portraits to families who won’t otherwise ever have a family photograph. While on these rides Fede carries all of his camera gear and even a photo printer with him! He also carries water filters & solar lights that he donates to those who need them most!

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Joffrey Maluski

Joffrey's camp during a bikepacking trip in Lofoten, Norway

The Adventurous Frenchman

Joffrey Maluski is a French photographer, videographer and adventurer. The outdoors are his biggest inspiration and he hopes to consistently inspire others to get outside and learn the importance of our planet, and ways to help protect it. He recently took a bikepacking trip across a rugged landscape that many would not choose to tackle.

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Erik Hillard

Trail builder Erik using a chainsaw on a tree to create space

Trail Builder Extraordinaire

Erik Hillard’s first mountain bike ride was during a Santa Cruz rainstorm. Today, he still loves a bad weather ride. Erik volunteers with a trail restoration group in the Angeles NF, Lowelifes Respectable Citizens Club. A USFS B Sawyer, he BOB trailers chainsaw gear on remote single track and now he’ll be using an Old Man Mountain rack to haul gear and chainsaws into the backcountry. Erik also devotes time to clear the Pony Express trail below Lake Tahoe & is constantly searching for killer vegetarian Mexican food.

The Knoths

The Knoth family on a bikepacking trip near Mt Hood Oregon

The Power Family

Meet the Knoths. Dawn Rae, Rob, and Max have been bikepacking since before Max was in Kindergarten. They usually spend an entire month of each year bikepacking and sleeping on the ground! Sometimes those nights come in the form of longer trips in places like Baja, other times they are quick weekend overnights like this ride.

The three of them are a tour de force of bikepacking, familial, and general wisdom. You can watch them swap stories, forage for mushrooms, hug some very old trees, and check out the alpenglow and stars. All while being next to Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Click here to check out their video on the Loam and Gravel Society Youtube channel.

Can we be so lucky that we get to be in the cycling business with some phenomenal people? Our Ambassadors embody adventure, inspiration, determination and passion for riding bikes. We’re a small company, and we want to support those inspirational riders, adventures and activists in the following core focus areas:

  1. Trail building and stewardship. Our passion is mountain biking and we know that planning, construction and maintenance of backcountry mountain biking is important for the growth of ridership.
  2. Kids on bikes. We’re stoked to share our passion for bikes with kids. We support people and organizations that help get kids, that may not have the opportunity to ride, pedaling bikes.
  3. Adventures by bike. Pushing the limits, whether its riding across a state, country or the world, traveling by bicycle is core to our brand and product.