Lofty Lofoten

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OMM Ambassador Joffrey Maluski (@joffreymaluski) is a French photographer, videographer and adventurer. His passion for the outdoors is overflowing and he hopes to consistently inspire others to get outside and learn the importance of our planet, and ways to help protect it. Lofoten is an archipelago and a traditional district in the county of Nordland, Norway. It has distinctive scenery with dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered bays, beaches and untouched [...]

Girona Mania

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Tucked away in Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region, above Barcelona and beside the River Onyar, you'll find Girona. It's best known for its medieval architecture, walled Old Quarter (Passeig de la Muralla or “Walk of the Wall” which was built between the 9th and 14th century) and the Roman remains of the Força Vella fortress. The big bosses here at Old Man Mountain and Robert Axle Project took a couple of well earned days [...]

Chasing Ice and Snowy Spokes

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Joffrey Maluski (@joffreymaluski) is a French photographer, videographer and adventurer. The outdoors are his biggest inspiration and he hopes to consistently inspire others to get outside and learn the importance of our planet, and ways to help protect it. He recently took a bikepacking trip across a rugged landscape that many would not choose to tackle. When picturing the ideal spring riding locations one may be quick to imagine themselves somewhere [...]

High Grade at MADE

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We did it! The inaugural MADE bike show is complete! MADE is a weekend long event in Portland, OR with a massive amount of the worlds best custom framebuilders, and a few other brands sharing their artistry with the world. MADE puts a huge emphasis on community and inclusivity and it's very clear that the massive show hall was full of friendship and excitement. It was everything and more and we already can't [...]

Many Miles Planned, Some Completed

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Federico Cabrera aka Fede (@theironlyportrait) is an OMM Ambassador based in Buenos Aires. “Their Only Portrait”, is a project where Fede cycles through beautiful but impoverished remote areas, in order to make, print, and give away portraits to families who won't otherwise ever have a family photograph. While on these rides Fede carries all of his camera gear and even a photo printer with him! He also carries water filters & solar lights [...]

Prototypes and Eurobike

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Lightweight cargo options we just couldn't wait to share. We recently pulled back the curtain to share some upcoming, "finished" products with you all and we are happy to say they are here! Even though FLIP Cage is in the final development stages, Axle Pack has arrived and we are stoked about it. The final version has our branding on it but all features will remain. ERIK FENNER [...]


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WHICH RACK IS RIGHT FOR YOU? We have all found ourselves in analysis paralysis when gear shopping. Divide vs. Elkhorn, Elkhorn vs. Divide? Do you choose one of each, or do you run matching front and rear? Do you go handlebar roll in the front and rack in the rear? Saddlebag and front rack? Do you axle mount or do you eyelet mount? Do you just get khaki cargo shorts and stuff those [...]

LA Doesn’t Need Mountain Biking

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A weekend with Lowelifes Respectable Citizens Club When you think of Los Angeles, mountain biking probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But, if you look a little closer, you will find a thriving community of mountain bike advocates dedicated to uncovering trails lost to time & building more access for all user groups. I had the privilege of joining the Lowelifes Respectable Citizens Club on one [...]

The Problem With Small Bikes

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WHY SMALL RIDERS LOVE USING RACKS When I started mountain biking, there were very few options for bikes that would fit me. At exactly 5 feet tall (not a half inch more!), I’m definitely on the short end of the spectrum of riders. My first mountain bike that I bought in 1995, was a steel, 26-inch wheel Gary Fisher. When I look at photos of me on that bike, [...]

Old Man Mountain at King Open House

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We took over the foyer of the legendary Chris King HQ, and setup basecamp for their annual Open House. The event showcased their newest colorway MIDNIGHT. All of the builders used the new colorway to inspire a variety of builds. We saw titanium full suspension rigs, powerful all mountain ebikes, slender road touring bikes, unique adventure rigs, and bespoke hardtails. We brought two unique bikes. A Santacruz 5010 fully kitted in Matte Mango [...]