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WHICH RACK IS RIGHT FOR YOU? We have all found ourselves in analysis paralysis when gear shopping. Divide vs. Elkhorn, Elkhorn vs. Divide? Do you choose one of each, or do you run matching front and rear? Do you go handlebar roll in the front and rack in the rear? Saddlebag and front rack? Do you axle mount or do you eyelet mount? Do you just get khaki cargo shorts and stuff those [...]

LA Doesn’t Need Mountain Biking

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A weekend with Lowelifes Respectable Citizens Club When you think of Los Angeles, mountain biking probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But, if you look a little closer, you will find a thriving community of mountain bike advocates dedicated to uncovering trails lost to time & building more access for all user groups. I had the privilege of joining the Lowelifes Respectable Citizens Club on one [...]

The Problem With Small Bikes

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WHY SMALL RIDERS LOVE USING RACKS When I started mountain biking, there were very few options for bikes that would fit me. At exactly 5 feet tall (not a half inch more!), I’m definitely on the short end of the spectrum of riders. My first mountain bike that I bought in 1995, was a steel, 26-inch wheel Gary Fisher. When I look at photos of me on that bike, [...]

Juniper Ridge Lollipop

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Type 3 fun in the Gifford Pinchot Sometimes things don’t turn out according to plan. Oftentimes that can be a bad thing, other times, that can lead to unforgettable spontaneous experiences. Or it could possibly lead to hours of torture. This turned out to be all of the above. Over the years I have heard legends of Juniper Ridge and the Dark Divide, unmatched views, burly descents, and brutal hike-a-bike. [...]

Frog Lake to Hood River

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BIKEPACKING IS FREEDOM For the 4th of July holiday, I (Chris Kratsch co-founder of Old Man Mountain) and two long time friends set out on a 3-day bike tour of the Mt. Hood area of Oregon. Our route was inspired by the by 9th segment of the Oregon Timber Trail. The three of us: Derrick Bell, Chris Dodson and I have ridden in the area many times before, but none [...]

We need you to be our President.

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We're looking to find the inaugural President of The Loam and Gravel Society. If you’re comfortable talking to yourself in public, love to ride bikes, and feel ready to lead a very public, secret society; Old Man Mountain would like to pay you $20,000, provide you with some great gear, put you in an adventure van provided by Carefree Camper Co., and send you off to ride your bike all over the western [...]

Rolling With The Seasons. 

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Words by Kait Boyle with Photos by Will Stubblefield   Why would we load our bikes with backcountry skiing and winter camping gear for 3 days and pedal from home to go skiing and winter camping?  As a mountain biker and a backcountry skier, I care about the condition of the environment. Healthy living forests, reliable water sources, and stable trails make my experience on the mountain bike possible. Cold winters, regular winter storms, [...]

Riding The Swedish Snow

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Words and Photographs by Michael O’Dwyer The word adventure originated in the 13th century from an old french word aventure, meaning “that which happens by chance”  The verb evolved into aventurer  "wander, travel, seek adventure, happen by chance. In the 21st century we know the word more as: an exciting or unusual experience with an uncertain outcome.  On a dark winter’s day, with time on my hands and hours to kill, I decided to look [...]

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