Riding the Oregon Timber Trail – 2021

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We’re Going Bikepacking! There’s some semi-cheesy inspirational saying that goes something like this, “Do what you love and love what you do.” Let’s be honest here. We don’t always love a lot of the things we have to do as a small business, like building inventory spreadsheets, solving technology problems, or talking to bankers and insurance companies. But what we do love to do is spend a few days on our bikes in the [...]

Do I Have A Thru-Axle or a Skewer?

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The differences between a thru axle and a skewer. We get quite a few questions about the difference between an older style quick release skewer and a newer thru-axle. Thru-axles have been in mountain bikes for nearly five years now, and are now moving into road and cross bikes. But there are still many bikes that have skewers. Learn a little about the difference. Skewers Way back in 1927, Italian bike racer Tullio Campagnolo [...]

Robert Axle Project Owners Acquire Old Man Mountain Products

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Posted by Katy Bryce Bend, Oregon, August 1, 2019 – The Robert Axle Project, a U.S. manufacturer of thru axles for bikes based in Bend, Oregon, is pleased to announce the purchase of Old Man Mountain Products of Santa Barbara, California. The acquisition of Old Man Mountain will complement the existing product portfolio of The Robert Axle Project and both brands will continue to operate as separate entities. The purchase will support The Robert [...]