We did it! The inaugural MADE bike show is complete! MADE is a weekend long event in Portland, OR with a massive amount of the worlds best custom framebuilders, and a few other brands sharing their artistry with the world. MADE puts a huge emphasis on community and inclusivity and it’s very clear that the massive show hall was full of friendship and excitement. It was everything and more and we already can’t wait for next year!

There were people from all over the U.S. attending MADE- from California to New York to Florida. We were able to talk shop, nerd out over who makes the most beautiful bends, welds, and fillets, and see well over 200+ bikes, what more could you ask for?!

Speciality coffee by Roly-Poly from Bozeman Montana served out of a 1970s truck camper and Elevator Coffee served from the back of a tiny Japanese firetruck, custom bikes left and right, over 50 editors showed up from across the industry, delicious Shakey beef by Yoonique and so much more.

Rachael Warner

Digital Content Specialist

She is a snowboarder, skater, cyclist, and film photographer with great taste in hats

MADE event and setup
MADE beer garden and happy hour
Billy, and the reason MADE exists
Chris King happy hour ride

Photos above by @hornbecker and a major thank you to Billy Sinkford (@souphorse, bottom left photo above)

We set up camp right in the middle of the hall and showed off specialty products like our Ponderosa Panniers, and Juniper Trunk. And we proved that you can indeed turn a Cervelo S5 (top photo) into the ultimate grocery getter. We had our classics displayed – the Divide rack and Elkhorn rack but we also had new products to show as well – Pizza rack, Basket, Flip Cage and Axle Pack (featured in Bikepacking.com). We’ve had so many new products come out this year and there are still more coming soon! Having them all displayed under one roof was one for the books!

One of our favorite shirts from the event
One of our favorite shirts from the event!


Miles from Bikepacking.com, Vulture Wade, and our COO Chris Kratsch
Miles Arbour, Vulture Wade and our very own Chris Kratsch.


We’re happy to team up with a lot talented builders and companies and we saw A LOT of amazing builds this past week. The list was endless and it would almost be impossible to include everyone, and everything, but here are a few special builds we were included in from the event. (left to right, top the bottom)

Seeker by McGovern (@seekeradv)
Sage (@sagetitanium)
Retrotec (@retrotecbikes)
Simple (
Astral (@astralcycling)
Sycip (@sycipdesigns)

Seeker (@seekeradv)
The brand new Seeker Steel gravel bike from Chris McGovern.
Sage (@sagetitanium)
This Sage is flowing with detail.
Retrotec (@retrotecbikes)
Curtis Inglis personal MTB with our Axle Pack prototypes and Divide rear rack!
Simple (@simplebicycleco)
Simple built perfection with this hardtail. Every detail is dialed!
Astral (@astralcycling)
Robert Axle Project axles were on countless bikes in the hall and front and center on Astral Wheels' display.
Sycip (@sycipdesigns)
Jeremy SyCip ran a Pizza Rack with some custom risers to clear his chunky 29.

We’ve got hundreds more pictures and stories to share from MADE. It was a truly unforgettable event and reunion of the builder community. We’ll be back next year and hope we get to see you there!

If you’re looking for even more from MADE, check out some links below to see some of the coverage we were featured in:

Curtis from Retrotec and OMM by Bikepacking.com

Digit bike displayed at MADE with OMM by the Radavist

RAP axles on Reeb SST by Bikepacking.com

New prototypes by Bikepacking.com

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