Expedition Ready Racks Built for Every Ride.

We’ve been making bikepacking racks for over 25 years!

Come and see where our experience can lead you.

Old Man Mountain Divide bikepacking bike rack for panniers and cargo.


Pannier Rack

Elkhorn bikepacking bike rack for panniers and cargo.


Cargo Cage Rack

An axle mounted 3-pack mount for attaching water bottles and other gear to you bike's fork.


Eyelets for Every Fork

Divide Fat biking rack for fat bike tires and bikepacking. For panniers and cargo.


Mega Deck

Divide Fat biking rack for fat bike tires and bikepacking. For panniers and cargo.


For All The Rubber

Ride The Bike You Love!

Old Man Mountain racks come ready to eyelet mount like every other rack, but what if your bike isn’t mean’t for a rack? Never fear, our Fit Kits are here!

Our Fit Kits take the weight off your frame and moves it to the axle; the part of your bike that’s designed to be super stiff and carry a ton of weight. And if you don’t have upper eyelets to attach the stays, we have pucks that strap to the frame with our ultra rugged zip ties, or we have a seatpost collar that has extra mounting points.

Pannier rack on the back of an emtb with revelate designs panniers


Without Added Resistance

Dropper Post Compatible Elkhorn Rack on a REEB SST

Fully Dropper Post Compatible

Bike rack on a gravel bike

Road, Gravel, and Suspension Forks

Thru Axle mounted cargo rack for bikes

Thru Axle Mountable

Add Mounting Pucks Anywhere

Pannier rack mounted on a gravel bike fork

Always a Perfect Fit on Every Bike

Bike Sauce logo

“A standard cargo rack vs the insanely strong and versatile OMM Divide rack is a David and Goliath story… Except in this case, Goliath wins… by a lot.”

Nolan - The Bike Sauce

” The same secure thru-axle connection I’ve come to trust with my BOB trailer is utilized with Old Man Mountain racks. “

Erik Hillard - The Radavist
fat-bike.com logo

“The evenly loaded rack was a breeze to handle. I was impressed with how the bike handled even through loose sand and scree on the route.”

Enzo Gomez - Fat-Bike.com
Gearjunkie.com logo

The brand has developed a reputation for rugged builds in its 25 years of experience, and now it expands its fitment to include, well, everything.”

Sam Anderson - Gear Junkie
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“Wouldn’t it be great if you could just buy one rack, knowing that it would work with just about anything? That’s where the new OMM Divide rack comes in.”

Zach Overholt - Bike Rumor

70 Bottles of Beer On The Rack!

70 bottles of beer! Take one down, drink carefully, 69 bottles of beer on the rack!

Because OMM racks can mount via thru axle or QR skewer, instead of eyelets, they can carry an immense amount of weight without fear of damaging your bike. Our Divide rack supports up to 70 lbs! While that’s a bit more than we like to tour with, it’s nice to know your rack can handle whatever you want to strap to it.

Six 12-packs of beer strapped to a bike rack

Front or Rear Ready

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Juliana Gravel bike with Cargo Racks

We’re not all the same, and neither are our bikes. OMM racks are front or rear ready to compliment your riding style and what you like to carry.

If you’re not sure what you want to carry, we like to start with 40% of the weight in the rear and 60% in the front. This keeps your front wheel planted when the trail gets rowdy, with plenty of traction to send it where you want!

Tested and Proven

Trusted by Chris Burkard, Rebecca Rusch, and Angus Morton on their self-supported, winter traverse of the Icelandic Highlands.

Rack Essentials

Now that you’ve got the rack here’s some of our favorite gear to go with it. Ok…so maybe the shirts aren’t essential, but they look so good, right?!

OMM Mirco Pannier by North St Bags

Micro Panniers


Bike Cargo rack mounted on a mountain bike fork

25″ Voile Straps


Light mount for bike racks

Light Mount