What if I hate zip ties?

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No problem! Our pucks are designed to accept metal hose clamps. Just don’t use them on carbon frames. We also offer seatpost clamps with additional mounting points for the extenders.

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Those plastic pucks, are they strong enough?

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Our pucks are made of fiber reinforced nylon and have been thoroughly abused and tested to meet the demands of the roughest trails and the heaviest loads. We always turn to trail builders to test our racks' durability because if anyone can break a bike part and load far more than is advised on a bike it's trail builders. Additionally, the upper attachment uses the pucks only to prevent the rack from rotating around [...]

What’s a Fit Kit and why do I need one?

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The beauty of the design of Old Man Mountain racks is their modularity. Your OMM rack frame will fit your bike, your next bike, and probably your next bike. The Fit Kit is the key. Each Fit Kit contains a thru axle to replace your stock thru axle and provide a strong foundation to attach your OMM rack. Also included are all the components to secure the rack to the frame or fork and [...]